Running injuries are extremely common. They can be caused by numerous factors such as overuse, poor lower limb control or inadequate running technique leading to greater impact and stresses being put through joints and muscles.

Our aim at Somerton Physiotherapy is to help athletes improve their performance and achieve their rehabilitation goals. Our Running Performance Lab service provides a platform for recovering athletes to regain their full potential and affords healthy athletes the opportunity to improve running performance variables which can contribute to the prevention of future injury.

We treat runners of all backgrounds, whether you are a beginner, recreational runner or an elite athlete. If you are suffering from running related pain or just wanting to improve your running times, our detailed assessment and treatment plans will help you to take your training to the next level.

Running Performance Lab service:

1. Initial consultation

  • You will meet with one of our Chartered physiotherapists who will talk to you about your injury history, training background and future goals

2. Movement & Functional Testing

Here your physiotherapist will get you to perform a series of movements and strength tests. This will measure your range of movements, lower limb stability and any strength deficits which may be affecting your running Kinematics

Running performance at Somerton Physio

Running performance at Somerton Physio

3. Running technique assessment

  • We will carry out a video analysis of your running technique in a fatigued state and close to your normal sporting running pace.

What we look for:

  • Stride length
  • Cadence
  • Posture and positioning
  • Contact type and time
  • Loading patterns

4. Solution

You will be given:

  • Individualised instructions on technique alteration
  • A comprehensive strengthening plan targeting the areas identified in the running assessment
  • Detailed plan of what is needed to be done to overcome your running issue.

5. Running Performance Lab Report

At the end of the consultation you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the following:

  1. Top Down assessment of running kinematics
  2. Specific factors influencing your run
  3. Main findings related to patients pain and pathology
  4. Goals for gait re-education
  5. Cues/Solutions given
  6. Future areas to work on
  7. Overall impression
  8. Plan

Running Performance Lab objective:

  1. Improve running efficiency and kinematics
  2. Identify potential future injuries and reduce their impact on your goals
  3. Increase speed and performance

Common Running Injuries seen in clinic:

* Achilles tendon pain                                                            * Hamstring strain / hamstring tendinopathy

* Groin Pain                                                                              * ITB syndrome

* Calf pain – recurring calf tear                                            * Knee ligaments injuries

* Lower back pain – bulging disc                                         * Metatarsalgia

* Hip Pain                                                                                 * Osgood Schlatters

* Knee pain – bursitis, meniscus                                         * Osteitis pubis

* Ankle pain – anterior impingement                                 * Overuse/ repetitive strain injury

* Severs                                                                                     * Patellar tendinopathy

* Shin splints                                                                            * Patellofemoral pain

* Gluteal tendinopathy                                                           * Plantar fasciitis

If you feel that our Running Assessment at Somerton Physiotherapy would be of benefit to you, please click below to book in to see one of our experienced chartered physiotherapists

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