My Achilles tendon is sore. How do I get it better?

Achilles tendon

Achilles Tendon: Recovery and Prevention Soreness or swelling of your Achilles tendon is caused by overuse or trauma. Constant stress placed on the Achilles tendon causes irritation, inflammation and pain.   There are several factors that can lead to inflammation of the Achilles tendon: Overtraining Tiredness or increased stress levels Poor running technique (biomechanics) Reduced […]

Is Working From Home Working For You?

home desk

How to manage pain while working from home: With the country starting to creep back towards regular life, we have re-opened the clinic for in-patient appointments. While we are happy to be back in the clinic, working towards some hint of normality, we realise that not everybody is as lucky. Recent reports suggest that working […]

Returning To Sport Post COVID

Returning To Sport Post COVID

As the restrictions start to lift and the world slowly creeps towards normality, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that sport is now gracing our screens again. The Premier League has seen Liverpool crowned champions after a busy playing schedule post COVID. Equally as important, we see the return of GAA and Leinster […]

Athlete Recovery Is Key

Athlete Recovery Is Key

When we return to field sport after a break or when the good weather arrives and convinces us to squeeze in those extra miles and push ourselves harder to get back to peak fitness, there is one key area that cannot be overlooked when it comes to performance – RECOVERY!!! The world’s top athletes know […]

How Do You Relieve Shin Pain?

Shin Pain

Most people associate shin pain with ‘shin splints’. ‘Shin splints’ also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries we treat in runners. MTSS is an overload injury which causes generalised pain in the shin. Contrary to popular belief it is actually a bone stress injury and not […]

Whiplash Injury – How can Physio help?

Whiplash Injury

Most people will associate whiplash being caused by car accidents (vender benders) but whiplash can also be caused by other mishaps that may happen in everyday life such as falling, being pushed from behind with excessive force and even diving into a pool.   Not all neck pain is whiplash associated, an acceleration and deceleration […]

Common Skiing Injuries – How Somerton Physio Can Help You?

Skiing Injuries

Common Skiing Injuries – Physiotherapy in Dublin 15 It is that time of the year again when we dust off our skiing gear and head for the slopes. The popularity of skiing and snowboarding has grown significantly over the past decade despite concerns that these activities are high-risk and can lead to injury. Snow sport-related […]

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Lateral Epicondylitis

What is Lateral Epicondylitis/Tennis Elbow?     Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) is a painful condition affecting the outside of the elbow. In most cases it is caused by an overuse or repetitive strain placed on the elbow. It varies from 1-3% in the general population to more than 50% in amateur tennis players. However, tennis […]

The Female Athlete Triad

The Female Athlete Triad

The Female Athlete Triad is a combination of three conditions that we sometimes see in  female athletes at our clinics in Blanchardstown, Castleknock and Tallaght. These are:  Disordered Eating Amenorrhea (loss of a girls period) Osteoporosis (weakening of the bones)   Low energy availability is typically the source of the other two triad components due […]

The Gait cycle

the gait cycle

The Gait cycle describes how humans walk and run, in other words, how we move. A complete gait cycle begins when one foot makes contact with the ground, and ends when that same foot makes contact with the ground again. One cycle is made up of two distinct phases Stance Phase: The part of the […]