Control of training volume:

We aim to find an appropriate level of bone loading that the patient can tolerate. Unfortunately, in some circumstances a period of complete rest from running may be needed.


Strength and conditioning:

We aim to increase the muscle strength to allow for more load tolerance.


MTSS gait retraining:

We use our state of the art facilities to assess your running technique. By altering factors such as step width, step rate and stride length, we can reduce tibial loading and therefore reduce the likelihood of developing shin pain when running.


Gradual re-introduction to sporting activities:

Graded return to running with a comprehensive plan with the sole aim of completing your task pain free

You can also check out our Running Performance Lab, where we provide a platform for recovering athletes to regain their full potential.  We review your running technique from multiple angles in our state of the art facility. We then analyse your run using using world leading movement capturing software (Dartfish) in order to construct a plan tailored to your needs.

We treat runners of all backgrounds, whether you are a beginner, recreational runner or an elite athlete. If you are suffering from running related pain or just want to improve your running times, our detailed assessment and treatment plans and packages will help you to take your training to the next level.