Initially you will have a full assessment at either our Blanchardstown Physiotherapy Clinic, Castleknock Physiotherapy Clinic or our Old Bawn Physiotherapy Clinic.  One of our experienced physiotherapists will talk to you, but more importantly, listen to how whiplash is affecting you.  The Physiotherapist will then carry out a full assessment looking at various aspects of your movements and strengths. From the assessment, the physio will discuss goals for you to achieve and with the help of rehab, soft tissue work and education, help you achieve these goals and get you back to the person you were.

Many studies looking at the best possible way to treat people with whiplash, show that performing strength exercises 3 x week, combined with soft tissue work can show improvements after 7 weeks.

Most notably Pilates showed to have the greatest effect at reducing pain related to whiplash and improving a person’s function.