Golf Assessment

The Purpose / Benefits of our Fit4Golf Assessment:

  • Discuss and treat any long-term or new injuries that may be impacting your game.
  • Highlight specific areas where your flexibility and strength can be improved to help your swing.
  • Improve strength, mobility and power to increase ball speed.
  • Help to reduce the incidence of common golfing injuries we see in the clinic.
  • Work in conjunction with your golf professional to improve kinematics (the way you move) to maximise the potential of your golf game.
  • Make recommendations around exercise and how to ensure that this year is a fruitful year for you on the golf course.

Who’s carrying out the testing?

At Somerton Physiotherapy we have opened up our exciting new Athletic Development Department that comes with leading experienced sports Physiotherapists and Strength and Conditioning coaches. Testing will be performed by our Lead Chartered Physiotherapist Adam Kinsella in our clinic at Castleknock GAA clubhouse. 

Who is it suitable for?

Our Fit4Golf Assessment is suitable for all new and experienced Male and Female golfers who wish to improve fitness, flexibility and strength.  The Fit4Golf Assessment package will consist of?

  • A detailed history of any previous or current injuries affecting your golf game or mobility.
  • Thorough whole body testing, assessing balance, flexibility and strength using Output Sports capture technology.
  • Strengthening and plyometric exercises to increase the power of your swing and endurance on the golf course.
  • Advice and education on specific warm up and stretching routines for golf.

To book online for a Fit4Golf Assessment package click link below, then select Castleknock GAA Clubhouse and select the Fit4Golf Service

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