Corporate Physiotherapy

Corporate Physiotherapy

Corporate Physiotherapy Somerton Physiotherapy Clinic provides bespoke onsite wellness services to corporate companies throughout Dublin. Some of our clients are world leaders in their field with 500+ employees onsite.   Our experienced team of chartered physiotherapists can help your company to achieve its corporate wellness goals.   The 4 core services that we offer Corporate […]



Orthotics If you suffer from pain and you think the cause is coming from issues relating to your feet, then you may benefit from an Orthotic assessment.   Orthotics are insoles you place in your footwear and they can be custom made by your physiotherapist or purchased off the shelf on the recommendation of your […]

Dry Needling

Dry Needling What is Dry Needling? Dry Needling is the insertion of sterile single use Acupuncture needles directly into muscular trigger points to elicit a “twitch response”. Trigger points are tight, tender knots within a muscle which cause pain and stiffness. Your chartered physiotherapist will use sterile needles to target ‘shortened’ or ‘tight’ muscles to […]

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning Move better, feel better, and perform better Strength and Conditioning (S&C) training is beneficial for everyone from the ‘non-sporty’ or athletic to the ‘weekend warrior’ up to ‘high level athletes. Why not talk to one of our therapists about how a strength and conditioning programme can enhance your quality of life? Strength […]

Physiotherapy and Osteoporosis

Physiotherapy and Osteoporosis Physiotherapy and Osteoporosis?   Bone is living tissue and is broken down and replaced regularly, just like all other tissues in our bodies. Osteoporosis occurs when the creation of new bone does not keep up with the breakdown of old bone. Osteoporosis causes our bones to weaken, as they become more porous. […]

Fit4Golf Assessment

Fit4Golf Assessment “Improve your specific movement and strength deficits in addition to understanding how this translates to a more efficient and effective swing”   What can you expect? The Fit for Golf performance package is split over FOUR 1:1 sessions. The package involves a movement, strength and power production assessment with a highly experienced Physiotherapist. We will […]

Running Performance Lab

Running Performance Lab “If you are suffering from running related pain or just want to improve your running times and technique, our detailed assessment and treatment plans and packages will help you to take your training to the next level” Our aim at Somerton Physiotherapy is to help our clients improve their performance and […]

Children’s Physiotherapy

Children’s Physiotherapy Adolescent or Children’s physiotherapy is an area we highly specialise in at Somerton Physiotherapy Clinic. We have been successfully treating children and adolescents with various injuries for almost 20 years. Every child is different, so our unique level of experience in this area of physiotherapy has allowed us to rehabilitate adolescents from all […]

Sports Massage

Sports Massage SPORTS MASSAGE DUBLIN 15 / SPORTS MASSAGE DUBLIN 24   Exciting news for sports massage clients! We are introducing a sports massage loyalty card. Purchase 5 Sports Massages and your 6th is free! Offer is valid in our Blanchardstown, Castleknock and Tallaght clinics.   Sports massage is a type of massage that can […]

Athletic Performance Package

Athletic Performance Package At Somerton Physiotherapy Athletic Performance Testing we want to make it easier for you to maximize your performance and reduce your chance of injury when playing your sport.   With this in mind – we are delighted to introduce our ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE PACKAGE Service. This package consists of 5 one to one Physiotherapy led […]