Fit4Golf Assessment


“Improve your specific movement and strength deficits in addition to understanding how this translates to a more efficient and effective swing”

What can you expect?

The Fit for Golf performance package is split over FOUR 1:1 sessions. The package involves a movement, strength and power production assessment with a highly experienced Physiotherapist. We will then work with you to unlock greater physical potential through exercise and show you how you can directly apply new movement patterns, strength and power to improve your game. All sessions will take place in our clinic in Castleknock GAA clubhouse under the supervision of Head physio Adam Kinsella MISCP.

The Initial assessment will include a full Physiotherapy movement assessment. We use world leading movement capturing software to video and analyse movement limitations and potential contributors to current injuries.

We use Output Sports high performance capture technology to assess movement ranges, strength and power output.

Once the data has been compiled and target areas identified a comprehensive plan will be put in place. There will be 3 x Physiotherapy led strength and conditioning sessions focusing on improving your mobility, strength and power to maximise your golfing performance.

The Purpose:

  • Discuss and treat any long term or new Injuries that may be impacting your game.
  • Highlight specific areas where your flexibility, strength and power can be improved to help your swing.
  • Improve strength, mobility and power to increase ball speed.
  • Help to reduce the incidence of common golfing injuries we see in the clinic.
  • Work in conjunction with your golf professional to improve kinematics (the way you move) to maximise the potential of your golf game.
  • Make recommendations around exercise and how to ensure that this year is a fruitful year for you on the golf course.


Who is it suitable for?

Fit for Golf Performance Package is suitable for:

  • All new and experienced Male and Female golfers who wish to improve fitness, flexibility, strength and power.
  • Golfers who are currently experiencing shoulder, back, hip and knee pain
  • Golfers who are struggling to make it around the course due to physical limitations


Cost of the Fit For Golf Package: 

For an investment of €250 you will receive four one to one sessions with an experienced chartered physiotherapist over an 8 week period. At your final session you will be prescribed a bespoke exercise programme you can continue into the future. This programme will further enhance your game and help to prevent future injuries.

Interested in booking?

You can book using three easy methods to best suit you:

  • To book online for a Fit for Golf Performance package click on the link below, select Castleknock GAA clubhouse and select the Fit4Golf Package
  • Contact Adam directly on [email protected]
  • Call the clinic on (01) 9069566


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