These are some exercises which we use in our clinic to help improve the strength, balance and mobility in people who are currently less active or over 65 years of age. The exercises require no special equipment and are safe for most people to do at home.  Please see video below.

  1. Sit to stand
  2. Standing calf raises
  3. Standing toe raises
  4. Single leg balancing
  5. Step standing
  6. Standing hip abduction
  7. Wall push up
  8. Shoulder press in sitting

You can try doing these exercises twice daily doing each one for around 10-15 repetitions. Some of the exercises might seem easier to do than others. It is very important to remain active to keep yourself fit and healthy, and, also to help prevent falls as you get older. It has also been shown that regular exercise helps improve your mood which is a great benefit!

If you are fitter than most or have done exercise classes before you might like to try some of our online Pilates/Yoga classes.

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