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At Somerton Physiotherapy Athletic Performance Testing we want to make it easier for you to maximize your performance and reduce your chance of injury when playing your sport.

With this in mind – we are delighted to introduce our new Service, which consists a series of tests we use to determine the capabilities of an athlete.

Using world leading technology from Output Sports we will be able to provide you with accurate data allowing you to compare your Athletic Performance results against your peers and top Athletes in your sport whether it is GAA, Rugby, Soccer or running. For GAA we use intercounty players.

The Purpose / Benefits of Athletic Performance Testing:

  • Give the athlete feedback on their overall readiness to perform at the highest level
  • Highlight specific areas where your athletic performance can be improved.
  • Help reduce incidences of hamstring, quads and calf muscle injuries
  • Our Sports Physios and strength and conditioning coaches can recommend strategies to make you fitter, stronger and more injury free.

What Will Athletic Performance Testing Consist of?

Part one will take place in our state of the art Physio clinic at Castleknock GAA clubhouse where we will test the following components of Physical Performance (Test time 20min):

  • Physio assessment with a detailed injury history
  • Hamstring strength and symmetry
  • Quadriceps strength and symmetry
  • Calf strength and symmetry
  • Hip abductor strength and symmetry
  • Balance, control and movement symmetry

Part two will take place on the pitch where we will test the following metrics and compare them to your peers and (Test time 25min):

  • Reactive strength index (reactive jumping ability)
  • Counter movement jump height (to assess power production upwards)
  • Broad Jump (to assess power production forwards)
  • Sprint speed (10 and 20 metre sprint times)
  • Agility testing (Sprinting with turning)

Athletic Performance Testing - Physiotherapy Dublin Athletic Performance Testing - Physiotherapy Dublin

After testing we will email you a detailed report with your results and our recommendations on how you can improve your strength, power and speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this help me?

Having this information will allow your strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist to program a training plan for your specific needs. Without this information, is it just guessing.

Who’s carrying out the testing?

Our experienced sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapists.

Where will testing take place?

Testing will take place at our Physio clinic in the Castleknock GAA clubhouse at Somerton.

What to bring?

Please bring runners suitable for jumping and boots suitable for pitch running.

Who is it suitable for?

Athletic Performance Testing is suitable for all Male and Female athletes aged 13 years and older.

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