Somerton Physiotherapy Clinic provides bespoke onsite wellness services to corporate companies throughout Dublin. Some of our clients are world leaders in their field with 500+ employees onsite.

Our experienced team of chartered physiotherapists can help your company to achieve its corporate wellness goals.

The 4 core services that we offer Corporate Physiotherapy clients include:

  • Onsite chartered physiotherapy appointments
  • Onsite massage appointments (sports, deep tissue, stress relief massage)
  • Onsite ergonomic and workstation assessment and recommendations
  • Onsite Yoga/Pilates classes

We have a very efficient Corporate Physiotherapy online booking system which employees use to book their appointments.  This is customized for individual companies and eliminates any administrative work that can often be associated with these initiatives.

Research carried out in conjunction with current clients highlights that our services can enhance your organization through reduced workplace injury, increased productivity and fewer employee sick days with back pain and repetitive strain injury.

Some of the benefits of introducing our Corporate Physiotherapy services into your workplace may include:

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved physical activity levels
  • Correction of poor sitting posture and workstation ergonomics
  • Reduction in work related / overuse injuries

We treat:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Work related injury
  • Repetitive strain injury
For further information, you can contact the clinic, email on [email protected] or call us on (01) 9069566Follow us on Facebook for Updates.

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Somerton Physio has been providing an onsite physio service in Bord Gais Energy since January 2018.  The service has been very well received by all those that have accessed physio or massage and the feedback has been very positive.  We’ll be continuing with this service into the future.  Their online booking system make it a user-friendly process for all involved.  Our employees find it very beneficial to be able to avail of this service onsite.  We’re all living busier lives and trying to fit everything in to our evenings is difficult.  Therefore, to be able to access a physio service whilst in work is very convenient.  We would recommend Somerton Physio to other companies who are considering an onsite service.

Richard Butler, Occupation Health Specialist, Bord Gais Energy

Somerton Physiotherapy provides onsite chartered physiotherapy and massage in Ingersoll Rand as part of our corporate wellness offering to employees. Their experience working with corporate companies made it extremely easy to put in place, with very little effort on our part. Employees make appointments directly with them through the straightforward online booking system and it effectively runs itself – we only need to provide a room. Feedback has been great and I would happily recommend them as onsite chartered physiotherapy providers.

Cathal Fallon, Ingersoll Rand

Somerton Physio has been working with Kellogg’s since September 2017. James is on site with us every three weeks and his appointments are generally all booked out! Staff feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and Somerton Physio provides a very professional and thorough service. The benefits of having a physio onsite are substantial. It gives employees the option to make an appointment during the working day without leaving the office or having to juggle with childcare or time constraints. The website makes the whole process really easy, employees book directly and all that needs to be done on my side is to make sure I have a space reserved. I would 100% recommend Somerton Physio to other companies. They are a pleasure to work with.

Amanda Ferguson, Kellogg's