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James Sherry specialists in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports injuries. He has worked extensively with GAA players and sports people at all levels over the past 12 years.

Previously James has been a member of the GAA’s Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee.  He currently sits on the GPA’s (Gaelic Players Association) Player Welfare Committee.  Both of these committees are tasked with making important medical and welfare decisions and implementing these at all levels throughout the GAA.

James has a keen interest in all sports. He competed internationally for Northern Ireland and Irish schools in cross country running.

Some of the most common sports injuries treated at Somerton Physiotherapy Clinic include:

Shoulder: tendonitis, rotator cuff tear, shoulder subluxation or dislocation, AC joint injury, clavicle fracture, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder

Elbow: tennis elbow, golfers elbow

Wrist: tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist fracture

Hip and Groin: hip labral tear, hip arthritis, osteitis pubis, hip replacement, gilmore’s groin, gluteal muscle tendonitis, hip bursitis

Knee: ligament injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL), cartilage (Meniscal) injuries, tendonitis, knee arthritis, patellar fracture, patellar dislocation, knee replacement, iliotibial band injury

Foot and Ankle: ankle ligament sprains, ankle cartilage injuries, achilles tendonitis / tear, plantar fasciitis, calcaneal stress fracture, metatarsal stress fracture, shin splints

Muscle strains / tears: hamstring, quadriceps, gluteal, groin and calf muscle strains and tears.