What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise class that uses body weight exercises and specific equipment to strengthen the main core muscles, improve co-ordination, improve body awareness and increase flexibility. Core weakness (abdominals, low back and glutes) can cause many issues that may result in pain throughout your body. Using our Pilates classes to strengthen these muscles can help you recover from injury and can also be useful in preventing future injury.

Who is Pilates suitable for?

Pilates is suitable for everyone no matter what age or fitness level. At Somerton Physiotherapy Clinic we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level Pilates classes. Each class is led by a chartered physiotherapist who will have a depth of knowledge regarding any injuries you have and will be able to adapt classes to suit your needs. In addition, if you are receiving treatment with us we will be able to advise which level is most suitable for you to start at. This will mean you won’t find classes too easy or find yourself out of your depth at our Pilates classes.

What conditions is Pilates suitable for?

Pilates can help improve conditions such as:

  • Low back pain
  • Hip and Knee injuries
  • Sciatic pain
  • Neck discomfort
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Pelvic dysfunction
  • Post-pregnancy injuries/pain
  • Chronic sports injuries involving hips, groins and hamstrings.

We have resumed our In Person Pilates classes again.  But don’t worry, if you are not ready to step back into Face to Face Pilates just yet, we are also continuing our Online Pilates classes too.  Please see our Schedule below, if you have any queries please email us on [email protected] 


Our Face to Face Pilates will run as a 7 week course.  The cost will be €110

*New Morning Class Added*

Monday:  (New term Monday 25th April)
Beginners Pilates                 – 7.00pm at Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge

Intermediate Pilates           – 8.00pm at Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge

Tuesday:  (New term Tuesday 26th April)

Mixed Beg/Interm Pilates – 10 AM at Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge
Intermediate Pilates            – 7.00pm at Luttrellstown Community Centre

Thursday: (New term Thursday 5th May)
Beginners Pilates                 – 7.00pm at Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge

Intermediate Pilates           – 8.00pm at Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge

Please bring your own mat and mask to the class.

Please note that the room capacity allows for safe distancing between each mat.  To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients and instructors, we will require you to wear a mask when you are entering and leaving the building.  You can remove your mask once you are on your mat.

Please bring your mat and mask with you.

To book a course please download the Glofox App (details below) or book through the timetable below.  PLEASE ENSURE YOU SELECT ‘COURSE’ TAB WHEN BOOKING

These Online classes will continue as before, you can purchase credits through our Glofox app (details below)

Tuesday:           Pilates for Runners – 7.30am (45 mins)

Tuesday:           Beginners Pilates – 7.15pm

Tuesday:           Intermediate Pilates – 8.15pm

Wednesday:     Intermediate/Advanced Pilates – 8pm

Thursday:         Intermediate Pilates – 7.30am(45 Mins)

Saturday:           Mixed Level Pilates – 9.00am

To book a class download our Glofox app (details below)  or book via the timetable below.

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