What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is the insertion of sterile single use Acupuncture needles directly into muscular trigger points to elicit a “twitch response”. Trigger points are tight, tender knots within a muscle which cause pain and stiffness. Your chartered physiotherapist will use sterile needles to target ‘shortened’ or ‘tight’ muscles to help increase range of motion and reduce pain. It is important to note that this will not fix your injury alone but instead will help to increase the effectiveness of your overall treatment.

What conditions is Dry Needling suitable for?

Dry needling is commonly used to treat conditions such as:

  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Rotator Cuff tendinitis and Shoulder impingement
  • Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow
  • ITB syndrome
  • Gluteal muscle tightness and Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shin splints
  • Hamstring, Quad and Calf muscle pain or tightness

Is Dry Needling painful?

The initial insertion of the needle does not usually cause any discomfort.  The local twitch response can cause a brief painful reaction – often described as a mild electric shock or a cramping sensation.  The therapeutic effect of Dry Needling only occurs by eliciting this twitch response and, therefore, it is the desired reaction you want to feel.

Is it a safe treatment? 

At Somerton Physiotherapy Clinic the physiotherapists using Dry Needling techniques have all undergone specific, certified training and work within their scope of practice as set out by the ISCP. Treatments are carried out using sterile, single use, disposable needles.

Are there any reasons why I should not have Dry Needling?

The following people should not have Dry Needling:

  • People who are on blood thinning medication
  • Those who have a history of epilepsy
  • Women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy

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