FAQ – Virtual/Online Physiotherapy Consultation

To help our clients, their families, and the general public as much as we can, where necessary, we can now conduct our Physiotherapy consultations online via Telehealth Video App, this is a very simple way to communicate by video.  Another great benefit is that our online consultations are fully covered under your health insurance.  Your video consultation will consist of the following:

  1. An in-depth discussion around the background cause of your injury.
  2. Recommendations and self-help treatment measures to help alleviate pain.
  3. An effective exercise/rehab programme (emailed to you) to ease your pain.
  4. Time to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  5. Follow up support via further video call.

As you may be unfamiliar with this type of delivery this article will help explain how online physiotherapy works and what to expect.

Will a Virtual/Online Physiotherapy consultation be helpful for my condition?

If for some reason we are not be able to provide you with hands on treatment currently, we will provide expert advice and education and treatment recommendations to help ease your pain. We have designed our Online consultations so that they mirror our clinic-based consultations. Now is an ideal time to sort out any lingering injuries or niggles you may have. Doing an Online consultation today will help prevent your symptoms from worsening and will reduce the need for extensive Physiotherapy treatment in the future.

The most common injuries presenting during our Online consultations include:

  1. Back and neck pain due to clients working from home or overdoing it with DIY jobs around their house
  2. Joggers / Runners presenting with knee or hip pain
  3. Walkers presenting with foot pain
  4. Repetitive Strain Injury due to an increased number of clients working from home with poor ergonomic set up.

What can I expect from a Virtual/Online Physiotherapy consultation?

Your Physiotherapist will discuss your issue with you in depth and give you a clear diagnosis. We will identify what has caused your injury and provide a specific home exercise plan to suit your needs. Your home exercise programme will be sent directly to your email and will have videos of all the exercises you need to perform to help you get better. The videos and written instructions will ensure you do your exercises correctly and in good form.

What device should I use?

We recommend you use your laptop, computer desktop or phone. Please have your camera and microphone turned on.

What should I wear for my Virtual/Online consultation?

It is advised that you wear loose fitting comfortable clothing to allow you to do some movements and exercises during your Online consultation. You may need shorts if you have a lower limb injury so that your therapist can see and assess fully the issue. If you have an exercise mat/resistance bands/small dumbells/foam roller at hand these might come in useful but are not essential.

How do I book my Virtual/Online consultation?

You can book your Physiotherapy consultation online via our website or by contacting the clinic on 0852455600 or [email protected]

How do I pay for my Virtual/Online consultation?

You will be sent a payment link via email where you can pay securely by card. You will be emailed a receipt after your session.