“Somerton physiotherapy Clinic was my first experience of physiotherapy. I visited the clinic with a sport’s related back injury. After working with James and Fergus I have had amazing results. They are extremely professional and cater to individual needs. James prepared excellent exercise plans helping me to strengthen my muscles while Fergus released a lot of tension from my muscles by doing dry needling. Was an overall great experience and would highly recommend the clinic”

Rachel Slater

“James is truly a professional. He has great experience in his field, and applies it very well, after analysing and working out the problem with his client. I do mountaineering activities, and I had a serious plantar fasciitis problem. I had a couple of months to prepare and get ready, so I was in need for trustworthy help.James had worked with me on understanding and treating the injury gradually, after few weeks of following his instructions I was able to resume my mountaineering activities again, and I haven’t had any problems since then”

Tarek Khalil

“Great place. Great physio’s very welcoming and affordable”

Cormac McAuley

“The kind of work I do requires a lot of sitting and this has lead to problems with my upper back. When I first visited James, I was experiencing a lot of pain around my shoulders as well as a severe stiffness in my neck. James was able to provide some immediate relief through massage. More importantly perhaps, he set me up with an exercise routine that meant I could start to manage the problem on my own. Over the course of several visits, James carefully monitored my progress and continued to massage out the problem areas.James’s work made an incredible difference. I no longer experience the same issues with my back or neck. Therefore, I would — and have — recommend James to others and will happily continue to do so. An excellent physio who is attentive, committed and results driven”

Brian Gough

“After undergoing an ACL reconstruction, I was delighted with my recuperation under the guidance of James. All exercises were well demonstrated and overall a very professional service provided.  I look forward to going back training with my club for the new season”

Tom Bowe

“Had a long-term issue with my shoulder and finally got it seen to by James.  He was very friendly and knowledgeable; my injury was sorted out professionally and at a very reasonable price.  Would highly recommend anyone to go see him”

Dylan McCabe


As their bodies develop and grow, children and adolescents can be particularly vulnerable to overuse injuries. As your child matures, their bodies experience a huge amount of physical change, with boys growing on average 10-30cm while girls grow 5-20cm on average.

Growth spurts during this time can cause temporary problems with strength and co-ordination as they get used to longer limbs. These changes can cause physical discomfort and muscle injuries as their bodies struggle to adapt to the demands of playing sport. If the underlying cause for the pain remains untreated, the condition can progress to affecting a child during day to day activities such as walking up and down stairs.

Here at Somerton Physiotherapy we prescribe specific exercises to target the exact areas in need, in order to strengthen their bodies. This insures that they continue to enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity.

Common child and adolescent conditions:

  • Knee pain (Osgood Schlatter’s, bipartite patella, ligament injury, Sinding-Larsen-Johansson syndrome)
  • Ankle/Heel pain (Severs, ankle ligament sprain, Achilles tendon irritation, stress fracture)
  • Back Pain (scoliosis, stress fracture, facet joint irritation)
  • Hip pain ( hip impingement, avulsion fracture, hip dysplasia)
  • Muscle tears
  • Shin splints / Tibial stress syndrome 

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